Services Offered:

  1. Comprehensive assessment of mental, physical, psychological, language, and social areas in order to provide appropriate programs for each case.


  2. Providing educational and academic services by using proper methods and techniques that meets the studentsí individual needs.


  3. Speech therapy program; this program comprises case diagnosis and providing services that help correct speech disorders and increase language outcome of students.


  4. Physio-therapy program; the most modern devices and methods are used in this program which seeks to develop the individual skills by a physio-therapist.


  5. Extra-curricular activities; these activities contribute to entertainment and up-grading studentsí level of performance, feeling of independence and self reliance through sports, art and music programs, in addition to trips, picnics and horse-back riding.


  6. A remedial program for learning disabilities and under-achieves groups with the help of male and female teachers specialized in this field within different hours that do not contradict with school time.


  7. The institute provides students with an opportunity to develop their intellectual and sensory abilities by using computers in training, teaching and leisure time.


  8. Medical services; conducting periodical medical check-ups for every student in both boarding and external sections through visits of a specialized physicians and following-up with the cases by contracting with Istiklal Hospital in case of emergency.


  9. Residential services; the institute offers full care for its students enrolled in the boarding section by providing accommodations, self-care, training of independent skills, and organizing an entertainment program.


  10. Temporary care; the institute provides a temporary care in accordance with parentsí  demands in case of their travel or other causes for a limited period.


  11. Professional preparation; the institute provides specialties for training students up to 30 years old in careers such as trade, weaving, pottery, bamboo, straw, ceramics, tailoring and home economics program for females in progressive age stages.