To be a well distinguished Institute for our unique integration of outstanding care, trust and utmost professionalism. This is by using the most up to date programs within convenient facilities for the purpose of making available the proper education and apt training required for our community of special needs individuals.



To make life-changing differences in the lives of those with special needs and their families, by providing not only incomparable services, but effectively beneficial programs that best suit each of those individual's need.



The idea of establishing The Middle East Institute For Special Education emerged from a persistent need for a specialized distinguished establishment that is concerned about:

  • Teaching

  • Training, and

  • Rehabilitation for individuals with special needs


The Middle East Institute for Special Education is a distinguished educational establishment that offers comprehensive services concerning that category by a specialized, well-experienced and high professional team.


The institute is characterized by providing professional preparation for individuals up to thirty years old, where students are directed according to their abilities and interests to specialized programs that help develop their independence and skills.

Our institute is also distinguished by the family atmosphere in the boarding section, where a number of students from various neighboring countries are present.

They are provided with full accommodations, entertainment programs, teaching, and additional training in the afternoon period.